BRO 2015 HOLIDAY Report


5,500 Kids Smile in 2015

Our donors and volunteers are awesome! Yes, you there, reading this newsletter, thank you! We love our donors and volunteers. With your help we were able to provide toys/gifts for over 5,500 kids (newborn – 10 years).

During our Toy Distribution Days,  November 30 – December 11 we were prepared to give out toys to nearly 2800 children, representing approximately 1,200 families. These families were served through various St. Louis Social Agencies (see article later in this newsletter).

So, what do you give to all those kids? We had the following treasures in our inventory!

  • 3000 new toys
  • 1073 games and puzzles
  • 3,000 new and gently used books
  • 2042 stuffed animals, various sizes and styles
  • 2000 hats, scarves and gloves
  • 760 stockings filled with goodies for girls and boys



Each day Maggie Bauer, our Distribution Scheduler, gives a stack of index cards to Nancy Wicks. Each card represents a family served by the agency picking up toys at that particular time.  The card has the family name and a list of the number of girls and boys in the family and their ages. Each volunteer gets a card from Nancy and carefully studies the list to determine which items the family  receives. The volunteer carries a box from station to station throughout BRO and collects items for the family. At the Main Station, Louise and Jean select a new toy for each child on the card. In addition, each family receives a puzzle or game based on the ages and number of children in the family. If there are 4-6 year olds in the family, they receive a Christmas stocking stuffed with fun toys, games, coloring book and crayons. The volunteer puts those in their shopping box and heads to the next station. The volunteers visit the hat/glove station, the stuffed animal station, as well as the book room with Shirley and the reconditioned doll section with LaVerne.

After the volunteers have gathered all of the goodies together in their box they  head to the packing station. There the “packers” determine the size bag (anywhere from a handled paper bag to a 39 gallon trash bag) needed to hold all the goodies. Items are packed carefully, with heavy stuff on the bottom, stuffed animals protecting the bags from box corners, and books tucked in between. The name card is then taped and stapled to the bag, and the name “double checked” off of Maggie’s list, to insure every family receives their gifts. At this point the Social Worker from the agency along with their helpers, load the goodies into whatever vehicle they have available. Sometimes a rental truck or large van is waiting, or multiple personal vehicles. Multiple trips are often made to and from the agency and BRO.

The numbers vary  from day to day between 400 – 600 children. Our volunteers are from the various congregations who support us in our work. Usually we have 15 volunteers each day. Numerous snacks and donut holes keep the volunteers nourished for their work.


We Provide Gifts for Kids Through These Agencies 

People’s Community Action Corporation: 849 children, 631 families

Southside Early Childcare Center: 93 children, 73 families

St. Louis Empowerment Center: 20 children, 10 families

Little Angels Learning Center: 163 children,  51 families

Youth and Family Center: 201 children, 76 families

Children’s Division of Family Services – Department of Social Services: 17 children, 9 families

St. Philippines: 8 children, 8 families

Paw Paw Learning Center: 725 children, 82 families

Sister-Fix-It Helping Ministries: 637 children, 176 families



So…What’s the Story on the Storage Unit

Storage unit you ask? Well, yes there is one. We rent it from EZ Storage on Chippewa near Oak Hill in the Tower Grove South Neighborhood. The rental is $131 per month. It’s conveniently located for Rick Soles, our loyal volunteer (who happens to be married to BRO President, Donna Cook). Rick hauls the toys from BRO to storage on his way to and from Oak Hill Church or lunch in the neighborhood with his dad and his home in the Affton/Lemay area. We store toys for approximately 2250 children in the unit. Rick also schedules the groups to pick up their toys from this location and meets and assists them with loading of trucks and cars when they pick up their goodies for the holidays.

The following agencies give out these gifts at special events, at after school programs or community outreach centers.

Circuit Court of St. Louis – Family Court : 300

Urban League-North County: 300

AGAPE in Motion: 72

Neighborhood Houses After School Programs: 1554

Community Helping Ministry : 200

Gateway/Hubert Wheeler State School for the Severely Disabled: 33

Joint Neighborhood Ministries: 50.            Isaiah 58 Ministries: 50

St. Vincent DePaul – Normandy : 20


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